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Join the BASL Facebook group
2 months ago

An invite from BASL veteran Phil Lefebvre to join the BASL Facebook group:

In an effort to return to six teams in summer 2017, some of us suggested to the BA exec that we increase the league’s social-media presence.

A Facebook page was created three years ago (but only two of you found it!), so we invite everyone to join the group to help heighten the BA’s visibility and hopefully recruit a few new brave souls for upcoming seasons.

If you’re a caveman and have yet to sign-up for Facebook, you’ll first have to create your account, then you can simply log on and search for the following group: Blackburn Arms Soccer League.

The page gets updates like news, pictures and links. But it offers something the website cannot: discussion and posts between players. That said, please keep in mind that this is a public site, so we want to display the same good behaviour that generally occurs on the field.

The more of us who join, the better the visibility, but you don’t need to visit the page regularly; simply joining helps. Thanks!

Indoor/Winter Registration is FULL (you may still register as a spare or go on the Waitlist)
3 months ago

The League is FULL. We are now ONLY accepting registration for Spares and players who wish to spare and be placed on the fulltime waiting list for the 2016-17 Indoor (Winter) Season.

The Indoor League consists of 8 teams of 11 players who play 7-a-side. The one-hour games are played Thursday evenings (at 7:30 or 8:30) at the Hornets Nest Dome from Nov through April (excluding long weekends).

Registration is restricted to male players who are 25 or older as of 1-Nov-2016.

You must fully complete the online registration form and remit payment in full (or your first installment if you chose that option) before your registration is accepted.

All players may register now. Players who are new to the BA League will be placed in the registration queue and registered as space permits after 1-Oct-2016. Returning BA players have priority until then.

Click here to fill out the registration form

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out all applicable fields and submit the form (don’t worry if you don’t know your OSA#).

Either provide a cheque payable to BA Soccer Indoor to me at a game or by mail (89 Vesta St., Ottawa K2J 3Z2), email an Interac money transfer to OR pay via PayPal or credit card – a ~3% processing charge is added to cover the additional cost of processing credit card/PayPal payments.
Cash is not an option.

Deferred Payment: While payment in full is preferred, you may also make either:
2 payments: 165 now and 165 before 31-Dec-2016; OR
3 payments: $110 now, $110 before 30-Nov-2016 and $110 before 31-Dec-2016
Keepers: 2 payments: $85 now and $85 before 31-Dec-2016.
Please pay on time or you may be suspended from the league.

Normal players: 80/80
Abnormal players
Spares: 7
Waiting List/Spare: 5

Email me (Howard) at:

or call 613-797-0441

League & Spare Fees

Argentina/Light Blue Wins The Founder's Cup -- spoiling Orange's run for a "DOUBLE"
3 months ago

Congratulations to Romeo Pantalone’s Light Blue squad on capturing the BASL Founder’s Cup championship on the final day of the season, Saturday, October 15, with a victory over Team Minute Maids (Orange).

The question of whether the Minute Maids also take home the elusive double title has now been answered: No! … But it took a shoot-out to resolve the game. Kudos to both teams for a well-played Cup final.

Our intrepid president slides (or falls down) into the frame of this post-game photo of both squads in a nick of time

All photos from the Summer 2016 Season are (or will soon be) posted to this link.

League title goes to Minute Maids
4 months ago

Congratulations to Phil Russell’s Orange squad on capturing the BASL regular-season championship on the final day of matches Saturday, September 24, thanks to a victory over Team Iceland.

As tradition would have it, the question now is can the Minute Maids also take home the elusive double title with another successful run in the year-end Founders’ Cup? Four other squads stand in the way, eager to make sure the spoils don’t all go the same team!

Kidding aside, well done, Orange! And best of luck to all in the Cup.

Concussion Awareness
over 1 year ago

Please take a few minutes to follow this link to learn more about concussion awareness.